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Winter Walk Student Art Exhibition Featuring Our Students’ Artwork

The 2013 Winter Walk Student Art Exhibition will be open to the public at the Hudson Opera House from Friday, December 6th through December 21st.  Some students whose work will be on display include Gaetano Hamilton, Shante Melville, Emma Bail, Yui Hirohata, Goni Ronen, Ayana Cody, Otter Vispo, Majel Ujate, William Pilgrim, Nathanael Blachere, Yoshi Suesada, Angelica Cronin, Mackenzie Cronin, Eva Herschler, Elizabeth Gale, Leah Breiss, Emma Salazar, Talya Phelps, Melanie Bogdanovich, Olivia Sickels, Bryony Smeele, Paola Sanchez. Be sure to stop by the Opera House before December 21st to see examples of some of our amazing artists’ work.