Nurturing Living Connections, Early Childhood through Grade 12

EARTH Curriculum

To develop an understanding of the EARTH curriculum, it is helps to look at both the year’s blocks of study and the daily schedule.

EARTH students will gather together following morning chores for their morning project.  Depending on the block, this could be anything from gardening to working with horses.  In the afternoon, the students will have one academic session, either math or English, working cognitively with the subject of the morning, and then an artistic or craft project also centered around the morning work.

EARTH Daily Schedule


7:40 Movement
8:30 Chores
9:00 Main Lesson
10:00 Snack/Recess
10:45 Activity: farm and nature projects
12:15 Lunch/Recess
1:10 Academics
2:10 Craft/Art
3:00 Dismissal

EARTH Activity Schedule 2014-2015


Begins Length (Days) Focus Lead Art/Craft
9/4 8 Shelter Stu Constructing shelter to work in
9/16 5 Bees Emily Photo/drawing/painting
9/23 15 Garden Emily Food preparation, plant dyeing
10/14 10 Apples Stu Cooking, whittling
10/28 15 Garden, grain, bread, compost Indigo Bread and paper


11/18 12 Cows Dana Leather, horn craft, cheese
12/9 10 Sheep Indigo Fleece, wax, clothing or bags
1/6 10 Local History: Basket making, ice harvesting Indigo/Stu Baskets
1/21 14 Trees: botany, logging, biology Stu + FEP Woodworking
2/9 20 Sugaring: syrup, tree care, work horses Team Blacksmithing, candy making


3/17 15 Plowing, planting, shearing Emily/Indigo Pottery, sculpture
4/7 15 Out of the Earth: Forest & field ecology Stu + FEP Book binding
5/5 15 Garden & bees, flowers & insects Emily + FEP Painting/drawing
5/25 14 Stream Ecology: Invertebrates, plants and fish Stu + FEP
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