Nurturing Living Connections, Early Childhood through Grade 12

EARTH: Education and Renewal Through Hands

Our mission is to serve children who need more hands-on learning, and more purposeful work, in nature. The program is designed as a complement to the Waldorf curriculum and is specifically geared to children who struggle in the classroom or who need to strongly engage their wills. We wish to engender enthusiasm, initiative, and practical skill, while also developing the child’s intellectual and artistic being. It is our conviction that children benefit from a school experience that is integrated with nature and farming and that meaningful and satisfying work together are the first ingredients in emotional and social health.

The EARTH curriculum will follow nature’s seasons. Areas of study will include Shelter, Bees, Garden, Apples, Grain, Cows, Sheep, Forest, Horses, Cultivation, and Field, Forest and Stream ecology. Each block will have a sequence of hands-on tasks, followed by academic and artistic lessons drawn from the work itself. The experience of the day will be as a whole, where the hands and back are exercised, the mind sharpened and the soul enriched. There will also be ongoing care for the program’s animals, learning space, gardens and fruit trees.

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