Nurturing Living Connections, Early Childhood through Grade 12

EARTH: Education and Renewal Through Hands

EARTH’s mission is to educate and inspire children through hands-on experience on the farm and in nature. We cultivate responsibility, consideration and clarity through recognizing our students’ best qualities, while helping them overcome their weaknesses. EARTH’s approach is unique; we draw our academics directly from what we do and observe.

Our curriculum follows nature’s seasons. Areas of study include Shelter, Bees, Garden, Apples, Grain, Cows, Sheep, Forest, Horses, Cultivation, and Field, Forest and Stream ecology. Each block is a sequence of hands-on tasks, followed by academic and artistic lessons drawn from the work itself. The experience of the day is as a whole, where the hands and whole body are exercised, the mind sharpened and the soul enriched. There is ongoing care for the program’s animals, learning space, gardens and fruit trees.

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fanning the fires 1-29-15

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