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student_lifeI am a senior at the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School. I have been a student here since 2005, when I joined Mr. Kilb’s first class in the fifth grade. I will be graduating in June 2012, along with 15 other amazing students that have been on this journey with me. Being a student here at the school has given me so many opportunities to follow all of the subjects that engage me, and the encouragement to immerse myself in these subjects. I have studied my reading, writing, and arithmetic just as much as any other high school student in the United States, but the experiences garnered from my education have really set it apart from what other teenagers may ever experience. For starters, the dedication of all the teachers, with their knowledge, enthusiasm, and support has culminated in an immense love for learning.

The cross-education of arts in the school can have weeks when Medieval History is the Main Lesson and stained glass making is the Arts Block. You can study classical mechanics in the morning in a Physics Block, learn how to build wooden objects with hand tools in the afternoon, and culminate with building a wooden ramp through the school lab out of a window to send a bowling ball off to illustrate the laws of projectile motion.

student_life_luca_susannaYou will learn every secret there is to know about the angles in Trigonometry, and then have to apply them to hundred-year old surveying equipment and make an accurate survey of part of an island off of the coast of Long Island.

One particular achievement I share this year with a group of other amazing young women in the high school was the all-school benefit coffee house evening that was spurred by our elective class about the global women’s rights…

I love being a student here at Hawthorne Valley for the community. My class, to who I give thousands of thanks and count each person as a blessing to have known for the past years. All of my teachers, with their support and efforts to make our experiences here truly fulfilling, from fifth grade to twelfth grade, have been nothing short of incredible. Hawthorne Valley helped me find my love for learning, and helped nurture me into the young adult I am today.

Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Bienvenido!

Hannah Otten

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