Nurturing Living Connections, Early Childhood through Grade 12

Parent Involvement

Welcome to Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School, from a parent’s perspective!

This is my daughter’s fifth year; she is in Grade 9. As each year passes, our whole family grows in our understanding and appreciation for the education she is receiving. She has gained tremendously both academically and personally. The school has helped her in ways that we have never experienced before in education through a curriculum that celebrates the whole child – her intellect, her creative abilities, and her moral development.

Each year is an exciting one, and 2011-2012 is no exception. We have students from China, Afghanistan, Thailand, and Canada joining the school community, affording us even more opportunities to grow, share, learn, and give.

A goal of Waldorf education and of Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School was beautifully articulated by Rudolf Steiner in his Motto of the Social Ethic:

The healthy social life is found
When in the mirror of each human soul
The whole community finds its reflection,
And when in the community
The virtue of each individual is living.

parent_involvement_teacherThrough our involvement, we parents support the teachers’ work in nurturing the virtures of each individual child and support the children themselves. From parent-teacher meetings and committees such as the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) to chaperoning class trips, assisting with Class Plays, and mentoring Grade 12 students in their Senior Projects, there are countless ways to get involved, and to lend our experience and gifts to the leaders of tomorrow.

If you are the parent of a High School student, you may enjoy attending Parent-to-Parent Network activities which include monthly educational programming specific to meeting the challenges of raising adolescents. All new parents will also be paired with a Parent Buddy to facilitate introductions to Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School and the community at large.

Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School is a remarkable place, with a talented faculty, diverse students, and an engaged parent body. I look forward to welcoming you, whether for a visit or as part of this vibrant community!


Julie Gale, Alumni Parent ’15

What My Children Have Learned at Hawthorne Valley

A Partial List

– Cate Decker, Alumni Parent


Stir soup
Bake bread
Listen to a story
Listen to the other side of a story
Greet someone in German
Felt a ball
Pass a ball
Model beeswax
Watch pollinating bees


Spell words
Dream worlds
Make choices
Make puppets
Move sounds
Write poems
Create eurythmy forms
Build a flow form
Send boats down a flowing streamReceive
Sculpt with clay
Sculpt fabric
Weave the social fabric
Ask questions
Ask for help
Ask if someone else needs help
Think independently
Brainstorm creatively
Subtract fractions
Analyze chemical reactions
Analyze political concepts
Manage one’s time
Manage one’s feelings
Shape an opinion
Shape a stuffed giraffe


Carve a bowl
Formulate goals
Organize one’s desk
Organize a bake sale
Lay out a newspaper
Lay out a mural of leaves and stones
Speak a morning verse
Watch chemicals disperse
Memorize a mathematical formula
Recite a historical essay
Grasp the impact of the past
Place current trends in context
Place plants in the earth
Mix watercolors
Apply a brush stroke
Apply one’s self
Live with purpose
Live into color
Write meaningfully
Write coherently


Plan a menu
Plan a senior project
Design a wooden toy
Assemble a table
Assemble a story
Construct geometrical figures
Construct an argument
Crack nuts
Crack codes
Explore correlations
Read between the lines
Measure imaginary lines
Calculate distances
Survey an island


Sow seeds
Sew pajamas
Choose colors for a scarf
Choose a network of friends
Complete a main lesson book
Complete a pair of slippers
Pronounce Spanish
Relate to Shakespeare
Value the classics
Comprehend philosophical concepts


Improve one’s accuracy
Admit one’s mistakes
Walk the advent spiral
Hike a mountain trail
Set up a tent
Cook over an open fire
Spark curiosity
Ignite a hot air balloon
Conduct an experiment
Follow the conductor in chorus
Predict outcomes
Predict the weather
Climb a ropes course
Climb a tree


Dip a candle
Sprinkle spices
Smell fresh herbs
Savor fresh ideas
Cut an onion
Cut glass
Bend metal
Spot a backbend
Compile a portfolio
Compose a letter
Write haiku
Write in calligraphy
Participate in a tea ceremony
Dye silk
Walk on stilts
Describe the earth’s core
Share ancient folklore
Use geographic terminology
Utilize technology
Read a map
Read Moby Dick
Decorate borders
Decorate a cake
Create a gingerbread dwelling


Taste the harvest
Serve a meal
Serve the community
Clean up the roadside
Gather relevant information
Gather eggs
Compare and contrast
Retain facts
Process words
Process loss
Comfort a grieving friend
Forge a new friendship
Forge an iron hook
Use saws of all sorts
Fit pieces together
Combine efforts
Combine substances
Turn compost
Turn a cartwheel
Feed animals
Feed one’s soul
Care for a cow
Care for classmates
Weed the garden
Clean the spade and trowel
Prepare a feast
Share one’s pencil
Share one’s point of view
Build a shelter
Build relationships


Design a bridge
Cross cultural bridges
Slide down Phudd Hill
Use a slide rule
Rise above limitations
Interpret instructions
Develop compassion
Support the homeless
Support a thesis
Define an objective
Elaborate on a theme


Donate a coat
Knit socks for a relative
Present ideas for a group
Lead a discussion
Perform in a coffeehouse


Foster one’s interest
Pursue that interest
Navigate new spaces
Play space ball
Play basketball
Weave a cheese basket
Weave maypole ribbons
Dance with bells
Dance the tango
Aim a javelin
Direct one’s talents
Throw a discus
Discuss developmental processes
Carry a tune
Carry timbers for a shed
Carry the lead in a play
Play an instrument
Join a club
Join wood


Conjugate French verbs
Mix ingredients for chili
Mix acts for a talent show
Find the essence of humor
Boil maple sap
Sand maple wood
Pick out a theme
Pick flowers for someone
Feel minerals in one’s hand
Travel to foreign lands
Act in the moment
Pause for a moment
Speak confidently
Communicate concisely
Entertain the community
Entertain new ideas
Follow a complex plot
Catch the wind
Catch a beanbag
Recite multiplication tables
Set the table for a hunger banquet
Erect a stage set
Set threads on a loom


Recognize others
Promote peace
Maintain balance
Cope with confusion


Hold on to one’s dreams
Envision dreams for humanity
Dream wide
Seek truth
Love life

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