Nurturing Living Connections, Early Childhood through Grade 12


Hawthorne Valley is a vibrant place. Within the School there is a strong community among students, faculty and staff, and parents. In addition, Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School is part of a larger not-for-profit organization (Hawthorne Valley Association) and is also part of the wider Columbia County and Hudson River Valley communities.

Students find community within their classrooms, on sports teams, and collaborating towards common goals in clubs such as yearbook and the student garden. Parents find many opportunities for involvement while helping with class projects, working as class parents, and serving on the very successful PTO. Parents also serve on committee, sharing their important perspective with faculty and administration, and are active in school governance. Together with faculty, administration, and staff, these two groups help Hawthorne Valley to be the dynamic place that it is. To learn more about how you can join this vibrant community, please contact the Admissions Office by email or by calling 518-672-7092 x 111.

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