Nurturing Living Connections, Early Childhood through Grade 12


Daniel Wall – Alumni Award

danwallA member of the class of 2005, Daniel Wall’s artistic interests have recently focused on musical creation. After his graduation from HVS he attended Concordia University in Montreal, but after two semesters left to pursue a voracious need to travel. He journeyed throughout the States, into Mexico and on to the Middle East, then extensively through Western and Eastern Europe. After three years of globetrotting, which included making music on city streets and networking and collaborating with other young artists, he settled into Goddard College in Vermont in their individualized studies program in 2009. There he uncovered a dormant passion for spiritual psychology, art and music.

He’s now due to graduate in August, 2013, when he’ll present a senior study project that surrounds the creation and production of his first originally written music album, through the creative filter of Western Alchemy and Jungian Psychology. The Henriette Reiss Award, which also includes a cash prize, will enable him to produce and distribute a CD of this album as the next step in his artistic development. He currently lives in Hudson, NY.