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May 24, 2008 at Basilica Industria in Hudson, NY

hra_2008_chandraChandra Ping (class of 2003) and Lauren Sansaricq (class of 2008) shared the spotlight as recipients of the 16th-annual Henriette Reiss Award. They each received a $1,000 check at the arts celebration held on Saturday May 24th at the Basilica Industria in Hudson.

Chandra Ping has worked with painting, glass art, and leather work. Her glass art has evolved from stained glass panels to original jewelry created from self-made glass beads. “I first learned this technique from local artist Linda Hartka,” comments Chandra, and I’ve enjoyed building on those skills by exploring how the different glasses react with and relate to each other. Most recently I’ve worked on a series that integrates both painting and glass work, creating two-dimensional “mannequins” that are adorned with glass bead necklaces.” Chandra plans to complete her Associates Degree in Fine Arts, while continuing her self-directed path of exploring new directions of artistic work. The Henriette Reiss Award will allow her to invest in the materials to further her artistic ideas

hra_2008_laurenAlso a painter, Lauren Sansaricq has been working with local master landscape artist Thomas Locker. She says that beyond the techniques of painting, she has been learning to observe light and color in Nature. “From what Mr. Locker has taught me, I find I see the world in a new way,” Lauren explains.. When I’m in nature, I feel inspiration for scenes I would love to paint.”

Lauren has been accepted at the Grand Central Academy of Art in Manhattan, which accepts only fifteen students each year. “I wholeheartedly want to attend the Academy, not because of its fame but because the students receive a classical artistic training similar to what the old masters received. I’m fully aware that the curriculum is rigorous and difficult, yet I’m excited at the prospect of learning about the things I’m most passionate about—drawing and painting.” The Henriette Reiss Award will help Lauren in her dedicated pursuit of this training.

hra_2008_improvThe annual Henriette Reiss arts festivals have taken the artistic process itself as their theme, and this year’s attendees were given a delightful treat when Walking the Dog Theater’s adult and after-school improvisation groups teamed up to explore the art of spontaneous imagination. The actors “performed” scenes and sketches based on improvisational games and audience suggestions, sharing their unplanned discoveries with an interactive audience.

The Basilica was festively decked out for this event, which also featured art exhibits by both recipients, as well as by Emily Hassel, a previous Reiss Award winner, who exhibited a preview glimpse of part of her one-person show held at the Basilica in June. This exceptional event finished with still one more treat: a reception of delicious food catered by Fiona DeRis.hra_2008_gallery