Nurturing Living Connections, Early Childhood through Grade 12

Tuition & Financial Aid Information

Tuition & Fees

2016 – 2017

(boarding costs not included)

Full tuition costs are listed here.  However, generous tuition adjustment is fully available, so that a family’s final cost need not be beyond their financial means.  Hawthorne Valley is committed to accessibility and economic diversity in its student body. Please contact the Admissions Office if you are interested in applying for tuition adjustment.

Early Childhood through Grade 12 Tuition
Parent-Child Program (per class, session lengths vary) $25
Pre-K and Kindergarten (3 mornings per week) $8,250
Pre-K and Kindergarten (4 mornings per week) $9,540
Pre-K and Kindergarten (5 mornings per week) $10,830
Grade 1 (5 mornings per week) $13,520
Grade 1 (including 5 day afternoon program) $17,000
Grades 2 – 5 $17,000
Grades 6 – 8 $17,950*
Grades 9 – 12 $20,370**
EARTH $25,000***
* Includes fees for sports (excluding some tournaments), activities, and payments for class trips including 7th and 8th grade week-long trips, and others.
** Includes fees for sports (excluding some tournaments), activities, and payments for all class trips. The senior trip and the 10th grade trigonometry trip may have additional charges, as some of these costs fluctuate.
***Full day program, 7:45 am to 3:00 pm, including Main Lesson.
Pre-K, Kindergarten, & grade 1 Afternoon Playgroup Fees
(12:30 – 3:00 PM)
1 Afternoon $700
2 Afternoons $1,390
3 Afternoons $2,090
4 Afternoons $2,780
5 Afternoons $3,480

2016 – 2017

Supplies, per student $100
Application Fee, Parent-Child $25
Application Fee, Pre-K through 12 $55
Contract Deposit (non-refundable), all families 10% of tuition

Rolling Admission

Tuition for students enrolling after school begins are charged according to entry date.

Tuition Adjustment

There is tuition adjustment available for families with demonstrated economic need. We are committed to a need-blind admissions policy and a purely need-based TA policy. TA is awarded based solely on a family’s ability to pay tuition and has no merit based component. Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School considers it a high budgeting priority to make this education available to our families, yet due to the very high level of financial support needed and the many families requesting aid annually, we cannot guarantee to meet every family’s tuition adjustment goals. All tuition amounts and tuition award adjustments may increase annually.

Families may begin an application for an adjusted tuition at any time, however, the application will not be reviewed until the school application, interview, and acceptance process has been completed.

Hawthorne Valley uses TADS, an outside financial aid service, to provide the initial data gathering and form review. Required application materials include the TADS on-line application, complete current taxes, verification of income and expenses, and a written explanation of your financial circumstances that delineates why you are requesting an adjustment. If parents are separated or divorced, each parent will need to complete the form independently. The availability of complete information from both parents is essential to assure a fair assessment of the family’s contribution. Failure to submit complete information may result in no aid or the awarding of a limited financial aid package.

Adherence to deadlines is extremely important. Late applications may not receive as much aid due to the limitation of funds.

Accepted Families Tuition Adjustment (TA) 2016-2017

Accepted families are welcome to apply for an adjusted tuition by clicking the green TADS button below. You will be prompted to log in or to create an account and complete the application process. The deadline for the application is February 12, 2016.

Click here to apply at

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